Classic Car Photograms Goes Dubai

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Classic Car Photograms Goes Dubai

For the very first time at the Concours d’ Elegance

See your classic car - life-size – in a totally new light as a unique work of art.

Award-winning German photographer Bernhard Schmidt will be at the Concours d‘ Elegance for the first time from December 12 through December 14.
A rare opportunity.

A photogram is a direct exposure on photosensitive material, in this case color photo paper. Unlike traditional photography, this process does not require a camera. Models and/or objects are placed directly on the photo paper, which is then exposed with one or more light sources. The exposed paper is subsequently developed in a special laboratory. There is no delete key, no mass production. Each image is a unique work of art. Photograms are the result of a fusion of photographic skill and creative vision.

In this case classic cars (depending on the length and height). 

Bernhard Schmidt has been advancing and perfecting the art of the photogram for over 30 years – a technique which first came into use in the middle of the 18th century and gained renown in the 1920s and 1930s by such photographers as Man Ray and Lászlo Moholy-Nogy.

Clients can choose from various colored light sources. 3 exposures per vehicle are created with distinct variations on the colors, brightness and shadows. The client chooses a favorite from the resulting 3 photograms. One photogram remains in our archives. The third photogram can be purchased on request for half price. The photograms are produced using high gloss Kodak Endura-Metallic photo paper and are mounted on Alu-Dibond.  

 Cars cannot exceed a length of five meters and a height of 1.30 meters. 

Photograms for classic cars start at € 19 000. 

Bernhard Schmidt is a graduate of Folkwang Schule Essen with a diploma in Communication Design. His studio has been active in many areas of commercial photography since 1989. His clients consist of companies including Osram, Elf Craft and IESE, among many others, as well as the University of Heidelberg and the Munich international film festival, Filmfest München. 

For further information and to set up an appointment contact Bernhard Schmidt on his mobile phone: +49 (0) 170 964 4621 or by e-mail at: